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Backaskog Castle

Backaskog castle in red bricks
Backaskog Castle in Scania -Sweden


Can you imagine, there was not only grutch between swedes and the former danes, people of Scania, in the 17th century.

During a short stop at Backaskog Castle at Lake Ivo just a bit north of Kristianstad City I googled the Castle’s history and found an interesting Lord;  Rutger von Ascheberg. He lived at the Castle when the people in Scania county  where danes and was given the task to transform the former danish people to swedish ones.

Not an easy task. The task more or less always made you very upopular, at least…

That is why Ascheberg is interesting. There had been officers before him with the same task but this man actually made himself a god reputation of being fair and honest and became a respected man by the people of Scania.

This old monastery with roots from the 13th century has a lot of history. From the monks chose the place because of the water and its fertile soil to being a Castle in the mening of a fortress especially during the danish-swedish wars during the 17th century.

Nowdays the Castle is a popular hotel- and conference center, famous for its ghost tours.

In my opinion it is not an especially beautiful castle. It is built little by little through history mostly from a practical point of view, but the garden was wonderful in the autumn evening i stopped by and is probably even more during summer.

The ocher red wall, a remain from an old orangery that the late swedish King Karl XV built is an adorable setting for the entrance to the park.

Variety of noble familys linked to the manor:

Rutger von Ascheberg

King Karl XV

/Per Skold


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