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Kulla Gunnarstorp Castle – the new castle

Roof of Kulla Gunnarstorp Castle in SwedenWhat a difference this visit was from my last visit to Kulla Gunnarstorp. This time, the sun, I and the family were going to have fun enjoying the surroundings of the castle and nature reserve.

We arrived at the same port as last time but now it was open.

I peeked in with my oldest guy to see if it was ok to have a look at the castles and saw a horse two ladies who was walking around the yard and asked if it was ok to take a walk.

They were very friendly and told about the trails in the beech forest down to the water of Öresund with a view to Denmark so we thought. Yes, what the heck, we do no harm and disturb nobody so We walked inside.

A very nice walk.

At last I saw the “new” castle built after 1861 when Baltzar von Platen made it up. Now the estate was a main building that was originally built as a castle, the old 16th century building was built as a castle with moat, a building aimed at defending itself from attacking forces.

In the 18th century, the owners let go of the castle, according to current trends, but what I can understand from my research is that it is restored today.

But back to the new castle at Kulla Gunnarstorp, it really took my breath away. As we walked past the old castle, I went to the ground of the new and I became very fascinated by the great tower. It’s so big and has such big windows that one could actually use it like a smaller living room.

These are parts of buildings that I find interest in. I would have asked the owners if I could visit it and ask how they use it?

But the castle is not open to visitors, it is a private residence for today’s owner Gustav Trolle. On the other hand, the castle park and the nature reserve are all around for walks and it is recommended to go for a round. If you turn left as we did, you’ll enjoy the back of the castle that shows how big it is!

Check out the video, it says more than a description from me.

Here you have a castle, sorry, two castles like a picnic basket easily entertain you a pre or afternoon. Beautiful environment and very fancy buildings.

The old castle is worn and does not really look like having the love it would need. The bridge over the moat seems to be a temporary metal structure that resembles a dumped truck fleet. Companies rent offices there, but I needed a lot of imagination to see what a hilly hill would like to do with the castle and get it really lazy on the island.

I also think about what a third building was used to, check out the image, sure is this building alone worthy of pride as a mansion? Could it have been used as an exception, believe?

Finally, what I found around the history of the castle, I find no overwhelming events that the castle is involved in but a gallery of owners who die shortly after they have taken over the ownership and many owners who are related to great historical people. Firstly, the documented owners were Parsberg, Danish relative with roots in Bavaria. In 1580 Tycho Brahe’s brother nestled as owner through marriage. Click here to see a model of Tycho Brahe’s Castle Urania Square.

Since the mid 19th century, however, my thesis is not about short ownership and today’s owner has lived here since the 1970s!

That’s probably it for this time! Map and personal presentation can be found below in the post.


People from the text:

Baltzar from the plate
The genus Parsberg
Jörgen Brahe

Baltzar von Platen
Baltzar was born on May 29, 1766 on Rügen, which is located in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in northeastern Germany. Baltzar was a Swedish Count, Amiral, Stand Holder in Norway and also founder of Göta Channel. He had three children together with his wife, Hedvig Elisabet Elisabeth Ekman. Baltzar died December 6, 1829 in Oslo.

The genus Parsberg
The Parsbergs were of Bavarian urals and had come to Denmark with King Christoffer of Bavaria. The family Parsberg occupied the farm Kulla Gunnarstorp at the end of the 1400s, which was then owned by the knight and the council Tönne Vernersen Parsberg. Knight Tönne also wrote to Herrestad and Örtofta and had Gårdstånga County as a mortgage to his death. Tönne Parsberg was also a governor at Holbaek Castle and at Lindholmen and sat in 1502-04 as a chieftain at Varberg Castle.

Jörgen Brahe
Jörgen was born on February 19, 1554 at Knutstorp, died on February 4, 1601 at Tosterup, was a Scottish nobleman and brother of Tycho Brahe. He was from 1577 a couple of years in court at the Danish court and then participated for a short period of time in the war in the Netherlands. He even made the church of Tosterup in 1598 in 1598.



Malmöhus Castle

Malmöhus Castle is an old renaissance Castle in Swedens third largest city; Malmö.

It was built as defence against attackers during worried times. When Sweden and Denmark stopped fighting each other The Castle lost its defensiv function and instead of keeping people outside it kept people inside as a prison.

Later on it was used as a place for the poor people before it became the city museum, as it still is today.

Although it is situated in Malmö the only king that has stayed there was the danish King.

There was a fire long ago but The kings apartments was saved, as you can see in The video: