Castles and manors in Stockholm

Much more Stockholm actually. Found a rather qualitatively uneven but meaningful slide show from the castle in Stockholm. If I did not miss one, there are the following castles: Haga, Tullgarn, Steninge, Ulvsunda, China, Tyresö, Årsta, Roserberg and Hörningsholm. I only know a handful of them, so info this time you’ll have to look for yourself.

If you will travel to Stockholm to visit some castles (as We call most Manor houses here as well), this is a good introduktion. The video clip signs are in swedish, but just notice that the Word ”slott” is the Swedish word for castle/manor/house. So of you find anything interesting, just note the castles name with the word; Slott, and google it!

However, there are some insider images in the slide show so it’s worth checking out anyway!