Rögle Säteri

This is Rögle Säteri. “Rögle” with she swedish letter “ö” is the name of this manor house and “säteri” with the swedish letter “ä”, is its function. When some large and wealthy farmers long, loooong time ago got tax reliefs, one reason to that was because they always held horses ready for the kng and his men, and therefor their house was called “säteri”; a house that Held The King’s horses.

Later on when horses got less important and these “säteri” lost that function, they kept nhe name as a historic reminder of what was.

This house is quite unknown as it is private and are all in use but you can pass by and it is really beautiful, almost a little “Disney”-like, around its garden.


Westerstads Säteri

Westerstads säteri, was for sale for about ten years, and it was not that expensive, around 900 000$. Too much for me, but still close enough for a daydream, so we drove there to have a look outside.

It is an 18th century wood house with lots of original interior left.

If i remember correctly, The ruin church and its graveyard belongs to The house. Spooky, but a bit cool!

A short clip: