ovedskloster panorama picture
Ovedskloster Castle in the county of Scania, Sweden, Scandinavia

In the middle of Scania just by lake Vomb (Vombsjön) lays the castle Ovedskloster (In Swedish with two dots over the “O” the letter “Ö”). Kloster is the Swedish word for monastery. It has an immense splendour and is often seen as one of the most beautiful castles in Sweden.

ovedskloster courtyard
Court yard of Ovedskloster Castle, in front of the crowed you can see my wife, my kids and my friend Kent.

During the royal visit of H.M. King Gustaf III in 1774, at Ovedskloster, the king called out a message that the property had  too much splendour and was way to royal for an average person.

ovedskloster from yard house
Ovedskloster seen from the servants office

It is a beautiful Rokoko-house with a history from 1150 the monastery was founded. It got its Rokoko look from Carl Hårleman, one of Swedens best Rokoko architects by order from “Bygge-Hans” a nick name for the noble man Hans Ramel who inherited a great wealth from his father Malte “den rike”. Maltes nickname was “the rich one” he grew a huge wealth during his time amongst other things, from the fertile  soil of Scania.

Ovedskloster from the side
The castle from the side staircase leading down towards the garden

His son, Hans´s nickname, was something like “Hans the builder” because he built and renovated so many manor houses in Scania spending his fathers money.

It is probably yet today, quite common that sons and daughter inheriting wealth like this start to spend it after their parents death, and so did Hans. But we shall be thankful because he built so many beautiful pieces, houses and outbuildings.

During this visit I took a tour inside guided by the manors owners of today, also from the Ramel dynasti, but unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside, a pity, because there is beautiful interiors with stories of how Sweden grew from an poor country to one of the richer.

I was told a story about a beheaded body that lost its head twice though, but that is a long one so that is another blogpost.

While you are waiting for that post, why don´t you have a look at Backaskog castle, another monastery that was turned into a castle, but it has a totally different look!

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Noble families mentioned: King Gustav III

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