Some facts about Halmstad Castle.

Halmstad Castle in red paint* Built as a summer Palace by order of king Kristian IV of Denmark and is believed to was completed in 1615.

* In the 18th century tha castle was painted yellow.

* The large saloon was decorated in 1928 with oil paintings by Stellan Mörner amongst others. Mr Mörner was a member of “Halmstadgruppen” (in english; Halmstad Group) a famous swedish group of artists that started out as cubists and introduced surrealism as an art genre in Sweden.
During the 20th century the paintings was covered with wallpaper but a restoration to save the oilpaintings started som after the millennium shift.

* King Gustav II Adolf, Queen Kristina, King Karl II and King Gustav III are some of the Swedish regents that have stayed in the castle.

* Halmstad castle is nowdays serving as an privateapartment for the “Landshövding” and as a representationapartment/floor for the same.

About Halmstad, the city:

Halmstad is the resident city of Halland county. It is a quiet city during winter but lives up in the summer time and get crowded by tourists.

The songwriter and artist Per Gessle (from the pop group Roxette in the 80’s) lives just outside Halmstad by the sea in a huge villa.



Variety of noble familys linked to the manor:

Queen Kristina/Christina (English link)

Gustav III (English link)

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